Because ZcaleRight does scaling right!

Designed for IT Teams.

The load balancer that customers get for their BigBlueButton hosting, the load balancer knows how to handle cloud instances properly, it is very distinctive, here is how:

  • Designed for Cloud
  • Meetings Management
  • Volatile transformation
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Full Recording API
  • Data Import
  • Exclusive Recordings Management
  • Full recording API support
  • Users Management
  • Servers Management

Features of BigBlueButton's exclusive load balancer ZcaleRight 


Our experts providing you with exquisite quality of services, Integration & support

Designed for Cloud

ZcaleRight is very distinctive, whether you have bare-metal or volatile cloud instances, ZcaleRight handles each of them differently.

Customer Dashboard

Maintain full control of your meetings, servers, and configuration into a single web-manager with live analytics.

Meetings Mangement

Join the meeting
Stop the meeting

Full Recording API

High performance API recordings including all filtering options.

Volatile tranformation

With different servers, ZcaleRight does that checksum transformation for you.

Additional API

Additional API entry-points for your auto-scaling and externalising recordings. 

Data Import

Import your meeting and recordings data all from your non-clustered servers. A very convenient & reliable data importing feature.

Exclusive Recordings Management

ZcaleRight can handle all open-source and commercial recordings formats for BigBlueButton directly from within the user interface.

Full recording API support

Join any meeting as technical support. Load balancing strategies (Per-server – Per pool server: We make 1 to 1 group, every server can take up to 5 conferences)

Servers Management

Server Types:
Bare metal

Users Management & Pooling system

Our Pooling system improves performance by creating a reusable set of workspace server connections. This avoids the processing that is associated with creating a new server connection for each user. Handle servers with different resources and have mixed scaling configuration.

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