Scaling your BigBlueButton online conferences


The Best Load Balancer Solution for BigBlueButton


By RIADVICE & Distance Learning Solutions 

Fast Install

Ready in 15 minutes only


Designed For IT Teams

ZcaleRight is shaped and designed for IT Teams.

BigBlueButton Tailored

ZcaleRight is exclusively and solely made for BigBlueButton.

High Performance

Fast and reliable API implementation


ZcaleRight helps you cluster all your BigBlueButton servers as if it was a single one, sounds magical right?

 Training Institutes usinesses around the world have been using ZcaleRight because it just does the job right!

3+Years of service
250+Conferences created with ZcaleRight
50+Institutes using ZcaleRight
1.5MTotal Conferences served

About ZcaleRight

Our Comprehensive load balancer makes it easier for you to manage your servers, facilitate the entire process through features such as:

  • Cloud Ready
  • Meetings Management
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Servers Management

Grow, Expand, Scale!

ZcaleRight is the professional Load Balancer

Grow your BigBlueButton big now!

Why do I need a load balancer?

When you have more than one server, load balancers allow you to use all  your servers as one server.

What are load balancing strategies?

Load balancing strategies are customized and tailored to your distribution.

Is ZcaleRight a fork of Scalelite ?

No, ZcaleRight is not a fork, ZcaleRight is written from scratch using different technologies.

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