Load Balancing for BigBluebutton

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Designed for IT teams.
Built for business.

The load balancer that customers get for their BigBlueButton hosting
because it does scaling right!

Built for Cloud

Whateve you have bare-metal or volatile cloud instances, the load balancer makes the difference between them.

Customer Dashboard

Full control of your meetings, servers and configuration into a single web-manager.

Salt tranformation

With different servers salt, the load balancer does that checksum transformation for you.

Full Recording API

The API recordings at high performance with full filterin options.

Data import

Import your meeting adn recordigns data from all your uncluseted servers.

Additional API

Additional API entry-points for auto-scaling and extreanl recordings.

Solutions for Your small or big business

Whether you have 400 conccurrent users during course time or handling millions of users a day.

High performance

Fast and reliable API implementation

Fast install

Ready in only 15 minutes only

Special Recordings

ZcaleRight can handle all open-source and commercail recordings fromats for BigBlueButton directly from within the user interface.

Activity Reports

Access to your activity reports

Branding settings

Brand your severs directly through the settings

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