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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a load balancer?

When you have more than one server having a load balancer allows you to utilize all your servers as if it was one server.

What is ZcaleRight?

ZcaleRight is a proprietary piece of software designed by Distance Learning Solutions & RIADVICE.

What are the load balancing strategies?

Load balancing strategies are customized and tailored to your distribution.

Can I increase overall meetings capacity?

It becomes handy to increase the overall meetings capacity and allow a high number of concurrent users: all distributed across multiple server’s infrastructure.

Is BigBlueButton recordings API fully implemented?

Yes, recordings API are fully implemented in our BigBlueButton exclusive load balancer "ZcaleRight".

Is ZcaleRight easy-to-use?

Yes. In fact, you can access meetings, servers, and configuration into a single web-manager with live analytics.

What should I do when I need a new feature?

Contact one of the commerical support providers.

Is ZcaleRight a fork of scale lite?

No, ZcaleRight is not a fork, ZcaleRight is written from scratch using different tech since 2019

Where can I order my load balancer license?

You can order your load balancer license from distance leraning.cloud or riadvice.tn

Is ZcaleRight a BigBlueButton exclusive load balancer?

Yes, BBB Exclusive load balancer: ZcaleRight tailored to BBB and won't work on anything else.

How is ZcaleRight user-friendly?

From the user interface, you can publish, unpublish delete, filter, or view your recordings. You can choose to instantly join a meeting or end it & follow your meetings live stats right from the live dashboard.

Is there a set of additional API for custom deployment?

Yes, contact us for documentation.

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